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WHY did democracy grow

Posted by lednum on September 3, 2006


oliagarchy, unelected hereditory type of government.

-respectiability, material possessions.

-working class represented by upper class and aristocrats.

– class consciousness, E.P Thompson

-chartistics, demanded reforms

-Benjamin Disraeli, self help.

-William Gladstone, state intervention.


-industrial revolution, people from countries working in factories.

-made people realise they were being treated bourly.

-formed the new middle class, Bourgeisie.

-norman Gash


french revolution, french killed monarchs.

-British monarchs, feared being killed.

American civil war, blacks fought for their rights.

-British did the same.


oliagarchy, hereditory, unelected, government.

class consciousness , people being aware of being a social group.

-1867 Reform act, enfranchised only people in towns and cities not countryside.

-oliagarchy ment people had no say in running it.

-E.P thompson

-John cannon


urbanisation – people were moving to urban areas, became more class consciousness.

-poverty, living in poor conditions, stick of deprevation.

-gender, woman werent allowed to vote.

-Sandra sand holten


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