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Preperation of the body

Posted by lednum on September 4, 2006

ANAEROBIC- short term, high intensity

POWER- From anaerobic energy systems. 

“power is the application of force at speed” NCF

power can also be known as : explosive strength

                                           dynamic strength

                                           combination of SPEED and STRENGTH

RUGBY- tackling, need power to drive players back and bring them to the ground.


Energy>anaerobic energy supplies

Power is used to launch tho whole body into air, or send an object into rapid motion.

Power is always a combination of strength and speed. Although, the emphasis of speed or strength depends on the external resistance.

The body needs energy to carry out / produce bodily movement.

BUT, it can only use energy in the chemical form of ATP ( adenosine TRI phosphate).


BUT, the body can only store small amounts of this chemical.once we have re-make OR resynthesize.

A-p-p / p  = energy release

Energy and exercise

The amount of energy we need depends on the amount of exercise/activity and the intensity that the performer is working.

aerobic>with oxygen

anaerobic>no oxygen

Aerobic system does produce energy until after two minutes of sporting activity / or increased energy demand.so…..anaerobic system supplies immediate energy. Uually, this energy is needdedin short term, high intensity bursts

Anaerobicenergy systems

1. Phosphocreatine system. (ATP-PC)

2. Lactic acid system

1. The phosphocreatine system uses stored ATP found in muscles. This stored ATP is broken down immediatley and only lasts for +- 10 seconds.

the PC system would be used for activities such as the 100m sprint.

2. The lactic acid system

This system uses stored glycogen in the muscles and when no oxygen is present  (for example, during 1st 2 minutes of high intensity work) it produces some ATP but also lactic acid (waste product).

-short term (immediate energy)

-high intensity bursts

-phosphocreatine system, PC is used immediatley for only +- 10 seconds.

-The lactic acid system which uses stored glycogen when no oxygen is present.


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