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int 2 outline

Posted by lednum on September 6, 2006

 In the language close the thre type of questions that you can be asked are:

 U = understanding -factual

                            -meaning of words

A= analysis -Asks how writer expresses ideas

                – deals with style, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, expression and figure of speech.


The dash is like a comma, but te ause is longer and the dash is strongercit may also be used to mark a sudden turn in thought of a sentence. It may also be used to mark an unexpected ending.


1.There are always two good reasons for doing things – a good reason and the real reason.

2.I have always believed in love at first sight – ever since i looked into the mirror.

3.My wife has a wonderful way of cutting short a story – she interrupts.

4.He loves her for what she is – rich.

A dash can also be used to mark an incomplete or interrupted sentence , to introduce or follow a list.

It canalso be used for parenthisis, parenthesis is a word put inside a sentence to give an expanation or a piece of information.


1. Tome Smith – who is probably the best goalkeeper in the country – has been picked to play on saturday.


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