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LIberal reforms

Posted by lednum on September 9, 2006

  • Some historians believe that the Liberal reforms of 1906 onwards laid the foundations of the welfare state today. These historians believe that Lloyd George’s reforms made changed attitudes. They convinced people that governments should help the poor and needy. This made it possible for later governments to bring in reforms like the National Health Service (in 1948).
  • Other historians see the Liberal reforms in very different terms. They believe that the Liberals were only interested in Britain’s efficiency as a country. They brought in their welfare reforms because they were afraid that a sick and badly educated workforce would leave Britain lagging behind other countries like Germany.
  • Another view of the Liberal reforms is that they did not really have any plans at all. Some historians believe that the Liberals discovered a wide range of social problems once they came to power. They did not really have a clear plan on what to do so they adopted measures that seemed sensible as they went along.

Whatever the thinking behind the reforms, there is no doubt that they were controversial and also had some important effects


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