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Methods of training

Posted by lednum on September 18, 2006

Power uses the phosphocreatine system, where in traing is woked on by using explosive actions.

Over the years, performers have used many jumping and bounding actions to develop power.

There is 2 types of muscle fibres : type 1 and type 2

the types of muscle, fibres in the body is based on your genetic make up.

Type 1 = Long term / endurance  * slow twitch*

Type 2 = (a) strength

              (b) power  *fast twitch*

Power training, train muscle fibres to work more explosively.

Methods of training to improve power are: 1. Plyometrics (jumping bounding and medicine ball)

                                                             2. Complex training (weight and plyometrics)

Muscle mechanism –

Concentric (muscle action)

Muscles shorten as they contract. When they shorten normally, eg. in a biceps curl, it is also known as an isotonic contraction. When stopped from shortening very much by an immovable resistance, it is also known as an isometric contraction.


Eccentric (muscle action)

When a muscle is trying to contract whilst actually being lengthened by stretching, eg. the thigh muscles while running down hill.

  If you contract immediately , more force and explosive action


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