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Social and Economic Reforms

Posted by lednum on September 25, 2006


The South African schools act (1996) ensures that no state schools are eacially segregated. While former white schools now take in pupils of all races, many for black South African and disadvantaged schools have no white pupils and have the highest number of matriculation failures.the act also provided compulsary education for learners between the 7 and 15.


Two major programmes that the government introduced to improve inequalities in health care are:

-primary health care programme-offers a comprehensive range of services,school, nutritional,water and sanitation services.

-National primary school nutrition for needing primary school kids have improved educational achievement as well as health standards-increased attendance.

-in 2004 a massive measles and polio immunisation campaign took place which ensured that all children under the age of 5 recieved either first or second measles or polio vaccine. This was part of the world health organisation (who) strategy to eradicate polio and measles by 2005.


The main points of the land reform policy are:

-compensation for those who lost their land because of apartheid laws.

-redistribution of productive land to those who were disadvantaged.

-new land-holding rights to be established

-compensation to be paid to those whose land are redistributed through settlement/land  acquisition


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