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To what extent has the government attempted to deal with crime and ill health

Posted by lednum on October 23, 2006

The Government has attempted to deal with crime by introducing the Firearm Control Act (2005) which has been successful in making it harder to own a weapon.  This is due to the fact of the newly established law which states that all weapons must be registered every 2 years under a complex regulation system.  In addition the police budget has significantly increased to attract more police candidates.  This was effective as the number of police officers increased from 119,560 in 2002 to 156,760 in 2006 to try and eradicates crime problems.  Related to the prior points, a new elite force know as the scorpion has been set up to tackle organised crime.  These points show the attempts the government made to try and eradicate crime problems.

The Government has been successful in dealing with crime as murder, attempted murder and rape rates have all decreased throughout South Africa. For example in 1995 the murder rate was at a horrendously high 68.1% whereas in 2004 it had declined to 42.7%, therefore showing significant progress.  Moreover, progress has also been made in decreasing murder rates in South Africa compared to that of other country’s.  In 1996 murder rates were at a high 85 per 100,000 meanwhile in 2001 it had decreased to 48 per 100,000.  On the other hand it could also be substantiated that no progress has been made as South Africa maintains the reputation for maintaining the second highest murder rates across the world.  In addition the fact that the percentage of murders in the Western Cape has increased from 84.3% in 1995 to 84.8% in 2003.  This evidence implies the effectiveness of government strategies to deal with crime.

Furthermore, the government has also tried to deal with problems of ill health.  One of the major programmes which the government has enfranchised to improve inequalities in health is the primary health care programme.  This health care is free and is provided at public primary health care systems in both urban and rural areas.  In co-operation with the above the World Health Organisation was established to try and eradicate polio and measles by 2005.  These points convey the actions the government has taken to try and improve health problems.

To show how the government has been effective in dealing with health problems and abundance of issues must be addressed.  Firstly, progress has been made as atleast one service point in every health district in South Africa now provides comprehensive HIV/AIDS resources.  To a greater extent, the concept the 700 new primary health care centres were built between 1994-2004 which has been substantial in improving ill health.  However there is still room for improvement as the total life expectancy for both males and females has decreased from 51 years old in 2001 to 47 years old in 2005.  This displays the theory the the government has effectively dealt with ill health problems to some extent.


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