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Posted by lednum on December 18, 2006

The N.H.S founding principles were based on collectivist concepts, comprehensive and free health care and equality within the health system.  This essay will show the extent to which the N.H.S has remained true to these founding principles.

It can be suggested that the concept of collectivist was achieved in 1948.  For example, this ensured that the state assumed the collective responsibilty for providing a centrally organised system of health care.  On the other hand, some critics have argued that this principle was undermined in the Conservative years.  It is contended that the Conservative government, which was committed to increasing the powers of market forces and to encouraging the growth of the private sector, seriously threatened the notion that there should be a collective interest in the provision of health care.  Therefore, the fact that significant healthcare is provided to many indicates that the N.H.S has remained true to it’s founding principles.

Moreover , it is further demonstrated that the N.H.S provides a wide range of comprehensive and free services for the care and treatment of the British population.  In addition, beneficial improvements in medical technology and in facilities generally have meant that, in many aspects services have become even more comprehensive.  Ultimately, this suggests that the N.H.S has remained faithful to it’s founding aims.  On the other hand, it is evident that some people advocate a move away from funding in general taxation towards private health services.  Although, while there are arguments to be made for alternative systems, it is in evidence that taxation has remained as the principle source of funding.  Therefore, this maintains that the N.H.S has stuck to her guns and promoted it’s founding principles.

Furthermore, it is clear that trying to create equal standards in the health system is a difficult task, however the distribution of G.P’s over the country in 1948 helped to achieve this.  Although, on the other hand it was still apparent that access to certain health treatment varied according to gender, race and social class.  For instance, the social class DE may find it hard to get adequate health care.  In conjunction to this, the available resources for the elderly, mentally ill and adults with learning difficulties have always been lacking, however this is only in comparison to the high numbers in the acute sector of care.  Ultimately, this shows that the N.H.S has remained true to it’s founding principles to some extent.

Taken overall, the evidence above suggests that the N.H.S has remained faithful to it’s founding principles.  For example, it hs been shown that the N.H.S has attempted to make there health care even more comprehensive, ultimately providing health care to a wider range.  However, it can be contended that the N.H.S has abandoned it’s founding principles, for instance despite promoting free health care it is evident that many are paying for private health care whcih is often of a higher standard 


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