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Democratic and Republican parties

Posted by lednum on March 21, 2007

The last few years support has been divided by geography, wealth, gender, race and certain specific issues.

Democratic party voters are usually from coastal ares and the major cities. Has majority of support from poor people.Women tend to vote for democrats and have  relied upon the votes from blacks and liberals.

Republican party voters are are usually from the mid-west, south and rural areas. Had majority from middle and higher earners.Men tend to vote for republican and have usually have the votes from people with conservative views.


In the 2004 elections, wee see that depending on what region you live in you maybe influenced to vote in a particular way. As in the north-east, 43%of voters chose to vote republican where as 56% voted democrats. In the south , 58% of voters voted for the republican party and 42% voted for the democrats.

The whites in the south switched their loyalty to the republican party while black support shifted from the republicans to the democrats. Blacks had been attracted to the democrats since the 1930s when its new deal helped many overcome the problems of the depression.

In 2004, in urban areas , 45% of voters voted republican, where as 54% voted for the democrats.However in rural areas 57% of voters voted republican and 42% voted democratic. the democratic party has a majority of the support in the large cities of the usa ehere 30% of the electorate live. This support is mainly from the poor who depend on low paid employment or on welfare for their income.Republican support is stronger in the suburban areas of the cities and in rural usa. this is where the majority of those who earn more than $50,000 oer year live and as long as they feel that the republicans are better at running the economy and keeping their taxes down tan the democrats, they will contribute to vote republican.


The female vote is important because there are more women voters than men in US elections. in 2004, 54% of voters were women, women have traditionally been more likely to vote for the democrats. In 1996, 54% of women voters supported the democrats. however, the republicans have been making inroads into this vote and in 2004 the democrats enjoyed a narrow majority of 51% compared to 48% for the republicans.

In the 2004 elections, 62% of white men voted for the republican party where as only 37% voted for the democratic party. 55% of white women voted republican , whereas 44% voted democrats.

On the other hand, 30% of non-white men voted for the republican party where as a stagering 67% voted for democrats. like wise, 24% of non-white women voted for republican, where as 75% voted for democrats.


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