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Some pressure groups are more successful than others

Posted by lednum on March 25, 2007

Relationships with governement

-Some insider pressure groups are in close contact with senior civil servasnts and ministers and therefore able to influence legislation.

-Trade unions and british medical association may be asked to share their expertise and policy details.

-Inside groups maybe more successful than outside pressure groups, who will find it hard to influence government legislation. These maybe groups who wish to work out with the government because their violent methods cannot be associated with the government. e.g anti animal testing.


Plays a significant role in manipulating the views of the public, the media will portray a pressure group as important or not important, therefore influencing public opinion.

-e.g Live 8 used media to raise awareness of problems in Africa.

-Without media attention the prssure group would have been successful.

-shows that media helps to improve public image.

-well known charasmatic leader can influence the success of a pressure of a pressure group, e.g Bob geldof and Bono helped live 8.

Financial situation and orgainsiation

-Pressure groups can recieve money from membership fees and donations.

-This results in pressure groups having a higher success rate as they can spend more money on advertising and employing professional lobbyists, scientists wtc.

-these professionals can ultimately, can influence public opinion and the government, making the pressure group more successful, e.g live 8.

-organisation: more publicity campaigns can keep the ause going and gain support from the public.

-recently, the pressure group ASH was successful in promting the dangers of smoking which resulted in the ban of smoking in public places.

Methods used

-Amnesty interantional refuse to use militant tactics to promote their cause.

-extreme methods used by pressure groups can lead to the alienation of the public support.

-the direct action used by fathers 4 justice and anti animal testing groups can often be a violent nature.


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