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To what extent had democracy been achieved by 1918

Posted by lednum on March 25, 2007


“Democracy is a government for the people, by the people and run by the people”

-This quote from Abraham Lincoln accurately conveys the definition of democracy.

-During Edwardian Britain it is maintained by historians that the government had enfrachised a “laissez-faire mentality in the running of the nation.

-Concept of self-help was established in the masses of Britain.

-E.P Thomson made it apparent that the governement genuinely believed that the people were poor due to the indolent attitudes.

-Historians contend this wasnt the case, it was because of the casual labour scheme which ran throughout the nation.


Pat Thane

-Labour party was formed to represent the working and lower classes.

-Liberals and torries represented the wealthy and big businesses.

-The newly enfranchised working class had no representation, social groups eventually emerged with trade unions, which later became known as the labour party, this therefore made the country more democratic.

Right to vote

-T-Feguson ” the motives under which men act”

-in 1867 the new bourgeoisie were enfrachsed.

-in this time period the enfrachisement was substantially sexually based.

-Historians contend that it was not until 1928 when equality  existed in the enfranchisement  based on sexuality.

Access to information

-The improvement in the rail industry in the late 19th centruy made the spread of information quicker and more efficient, also allowed people from countryside to meet people from similar background s.

-However it is also put forward by hsitorians that the 1870 ( 1872 in scotland) education act, made it compulsary for children between 5 and 13 to attend school.

-The falling prices and increasing circulation of newspapers was also significant as they gave the working class and those living in isolated areas access to information such as political ideas.


Norman Gash

-It is fair that everyone has the chance to vote freely and anyway they choose.

-due to bribary, corruption and intimidation levles becoming apparent, in 1872, the 2nd ballot act was passed.

-leading to swift decline in intimidation.

-However, some historians maintain that corruption was still present despite ballots being made in secret .

-To counter act this, the corrupt and illegal practices act, went a long way towards creating equality among all constituencies.


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