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Critically examine the impact of the private health sector in recent years

Posted by lednum on April 5, 2007

Growth Of Private Health Care In Recent Years

Since 2001, PHC has provided £15 billion in health care from three main providers – General Health Care Group, BUPA and

20% of all non-urgent surgery, one-third of all hip replacements and a half of all abortions.
3,000 pay beds on NHS.

Growth Of Private Health Care In

Nine private hospitals in
Scottish Executive block booked beds to cut waiting times in NHS, allowed 500 people to have operations.
Scottish Executive bought a former private hospital to cut waiting times.
Government is becoming more willing to get involved with private sector.

Increase In Number Of People Receiving Private Health Care

Due to increasing waiting times in NHS.
40% rise in people turning to private hospitals for surgery in 2004, followed by a further 25% rise in 2005.
Between 2002 and 2005, 60% rise in people buying PHC.
Shows that people are unwilling to wait for treatment.

Change In Policy Of Government

See private hospitals as ideal for taking weight off of NHS during busy periods such as winter.
However, public sector would have to decrease as both sectors rely on the same pool of staff.


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