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To what extent are pressure groups a threat to democracy?

Posted by lednum on April 5, 2007

Example Of Beef Exports

Beef imports angered British farmers (National Farmers Union)
They had already been hit with a beef ban in the UK
Congregated at ports to prevent the import of beef, high measures had to be taken to prevent violence.
Eventually, a package of aid was given

Petrol Taxation

Taxation of petrol angered many small businesses
Blocked exit and entry of petrol
Finally gave up as public turned against them
After many discussions, the price of fuel was eventually reduced

Anti-Animal Testing Groups

Have been known to send letter bombs to those responsible
Use extreme, illegal tactics which can result in death
This results in uproar within communities and therefore, is a threat to democracy


May Be Of Help…

Can work with the Government on bills
Influence an MP that has been awarded the Private Member’s Bill to introduce a bill that supports their views
They can sponsor MP’s
This shows that pressure groups can help a democracy by voicing their issues within parliament.


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