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Why did the U.S.A’s open door policy change?

Posted by lednum on April 5, 2007


before 1920 immigration was part and parcel of

“Melting Pot” theorem by Woodrow Wilson
By 1920 population in

America had reached 105,000,000
between 1901 and 1920 14.5 million immigrants had entered the

. 80% were from Eastern and Southern Europe
Immigrating to America had been problem free and anyone was able to fulfil their American Dream

Fear of Revolution Maldwyn Jones

Russian Revolution of 1917- aimed to be the first in a chain of workers revolutions to spread communism under the slogan “workers of the world unite”
A high number of immigrants came from eastern Europe and Russia which people believe made the threat of a revolution inevitable.
Many immigrants suspected of being Anarchists or Socialists were arrested, illegally. By January 1920 6,000 suspects had been illegally arrested, many of whom were deported without their families being told.

Racism J.Bonasia

Many Americans disliked immigrants as they were different
Being blamed for many of America’s social problems
Americans claimed they were being swamped by the influx of new immigrants
The 1921 quota only allowed 3% of each nationality to enter the USA; in 1924 this was reduced to 2%

Jobs and Housing George Brown Tindall

Workers wanted better working conditions after World War One however, Italian and Polish immigrants took their jobs as they were willing to working for less and longer hours.
Immigrants created more pressure on housing in poor areas of cities

Crime E.Y. Mayer

Crime was increasing in 1920’s and politicians chose to blame immigrants
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti arrested as they had strong radical revolutionary ideas and were executed.
Contended that they were executed because they may have been communist and wanted to change the USA political system

Isolationism Donna Gabbacia

After great war, America wanted to be isolated from Europe
In 1919 they didn’t join the league of nations even though Woodrow Wilson was in favour of the idea
Need to stop immigrations of Europeans into the USA.


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