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Posted by lednum on April 5, 2007


Edwardian era, self-help was still the Government’s policy
1870 Education Act- first signs of Government intervention
Henry Mayhew (social commentator) abandoned self-help and claimed bourgeoisie were becoming complacent
Philanthropists started donating money to charity
Laissez-faire had to be abandoned

Poverty Reports (Gertrude Himmerflab)

1889, Charles Booth produced a report on London, London was in chaos, life expectancy was 33.
Seebohm Rowntree conducted a similar report in
York, 28% of people in
York were in extreme poverty, this was shocking as
York was an average city.
Political ends or genuine concerns?

New Liberalism (G. R. Searle)

Self-help had to be abandoned
MP’s had a responsibility to help the poor
Political ends or genuine concerns?

National Efficiency (Clive Beehag)

Britain’s Industrial Revolution came long time after other countries
No longer “Workshop of the World”
Britain’s health getting worse so industrial power would weaken further without Government intervention

Political Pragmatism (Robert Pearce)

Working class had been enfranchised, so Liberals had to change their views to gain their vote.
If Liberals were seen to be unsympathetic they would lose votes

National Security (Roger Stearn)

Boer War in 1899, 25% of all applicants rejected on the grounds that they were not fit enough
Worried that Britain couldn’t handle major conflict
Reforms had to be made


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