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The main features of a Democracy

Posted by lednum on September 27, 2006

Majority Rule– the system of government is based on parliamentry majorities

Representative Elections-the people are allowed to elect represtatives to speak for their views and interests.

Multi party system-voters have the opportunity to choose from a variety of political parties, represting a wide range of political opinion.

Freedom of speech-no restriction is placed on the right to opinions and express then openly.

Freedom of association-no restriction is placed on people organising political parties to take part in democratic life.

Freedom of Assembly-no restriction is placed on the right to hold meetings or organise demonstrations provided those do not violate  the rights of others.

Respect the individual rights-the state protects individuals whose rights are threatened by the actions of others.

Respect for Minority rights-minorities should not have their basic rights violated by the majority.

Respect for the Law-citizens who are given democratic rights should obey the laws that provide these rights.

Respect for Democratic Procedures-individuals or groups who have grievances against the system should operate within it, seeking to change the law through legal means.

Channels of Influence-individuals and groups have channels of access to decision makers at every level.


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